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Michigan-Grand Rapids

Don't do alterations at Alfred Angelo in Grand Rapids

This has been horrible as a bride with my wedding 4 weeks away. The alteration lady has had my dress since January. Origianally all I needed was the bussel done, so I thought. The day before my follow up appointment I recieved a call to confirm my appointment, the day of the appointment and hour before I had to be the alteration lady called and canceled because my dress wasn't ready. A week later I went to get my dress the bussel wasn't done properly and the alteration lady said "I was up late working on this and really tired that is probably why I messed it up" During this time and having the dress on for awhile I realized it was snug in my rib area so I decided to have the zipper taken out and a corrset put in. Well she wanted to have the dress about a month, ok no problem. Well the day before I got the call to confirm my appointment and this is now the 3rd time I have taken time off work and some of my BM took of time I again get a call an hour before had and she canceld on me again. So today I go to get my dress and the alterations lady tells me I can't try on the dress because it is pressed and once I put it on it will not longer be pressed. I said there was no way I was just taking my dress after she took out the zipper and made the changes. On top of it I still don't know if the bussel is correct or not. I questioned the steam pressing of the dress because it was still wrinkled, she said she did it. Even the sales lady questioned her. In the process of the sales lady helping me get on my dress she told me she would personally press it for me so it was better. Once I got into the dress it ended up being way to big. The corrset was pulled as tight as possible to wear it looked like a zipper, not even having the corrset look anymore. You could look right down my dress, see the cups in my bra with no problem. I walked out and the sales lady attempted to show her what was wrong and her response was "I don't know what to do with your dress anymore" The sales lady actually gave her an idea of adding buttons and not using the corrset ribbon. When the alteration lady was looking at it she says "wow I really don't like how the stiching is on this corrset it looks terrible" OMG I almost lost it. I asked her to please do it this week so I can come back next week and her response to me was "it will have to be at least 2 weeks because I am so busy and have so many other dresses ahead of yours" Thankfully 2 of my BM handled that comment, but i still have to wait 2 weeks which means my wedding will only be 2 weeks away from the day I go back to see if it is right. I was so beyond upset when we left I completly forgot to check if the bussel is correct. I hace invested over $300.00 into alterations which doesn't include my hour drive each way and time off work.
If I had to do it all over again I would never ever had let this lady touch my dress. Her customer service skills are horrible and very upsetting.

Re: Don't do alterations at Alfred Angelo in Grand Rapids

  • maggieandlukemaggieandluke member
    edited April 2012
    I have had alot of problems with this store as well (I ordered fabric from them in January and it still is not in yet). The best person to talk to is Jenna, she is the store's manager, and most of the time bride's problems don't get brought up to her. I would suggest making sure your next appointment is going to be at a time when she will be there and ask her to sit in on the fitting. I hope it all works out!
  • Similar experience to mine!  I could not believe how much they were going to charge me for the simplist of alterations.  And then my dress came in and the fabric looked like it wasn't sown in some spots.  They were acting like it was my issue.  I had the hardest time getting anyone to actually respond to phone calls.  They sell you the dress and then after that their customer service disappears.

    I ended up taking my dress to A Perfect Fit and she did an outstanding job.  She did alot more than AA was going to do and was about a third of the price.
  • I have had a terrible time with them too.

    We put a rush delivery (5 weeks) on 3 dresses on Feb 18. the last one came in a week ago.
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