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Centerpiece suggestions pls!

Hi everyone - Need some help please. We have 50 tables at the venue and looking for centerpieces has been a nightmare. Our budget is small so having $500+ cost for centerpieces is not doable. I was thinking of doing them ourselves to save cost, but need ideas. Going to Ikea ths weekend to look. Any suggestions? Someone told me half vases of flower and half candle sets? Thx!

Re: Centerpiece suggestions pls!

  • i concur, i would like a budget wedding centerpiece idea.

    this is my suggestion. it depends on the venue but in general:

    stagger the heights.
    have 1/3 the table with tall centerpieces: candlestick holders, candlelabras, hurricane vases (you can buy the used on craigslist or from goodwill, marshalls, tjmaxx -- if the glass isn't that nice but the shape is, use frosted spray paint to coat the glassware)
      florals are costly but carnations, baby's breath and hydrangeas are beautiful and inexpensive
    1/3 the table with medium sized centerpieces -- filled with limes/lemons (depending on your colors) or floating candles with silk flowers and medium candles.
    1/3 the tables with short pieces, single flower in a vase or just tea lights and petals/confetti

    ikea has very cost effective candles and dollar stores have vases.

    you can handmake your flowers but its time consuming and depending the fabric expensive. 

    if your venue is classier, try real flowers (costco bulk or sams bulk can be affordable)

    reuse your flowers for the church if you have them for the reception too..

    some of the tables you could do tea lights and a picture of you guys and table number. simple...

    hope this helps - gluck and congrats.
  • I bought fake red orchids and places them in tall  vases in water-3 different heights and placed floating candles in top. Looked so simple yet elegant! We recieved many compliments from guests including the staff at our venue. No one could tell the flowers were fake when they were submerged in the water.
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  • Thanks for ideas! Really appreciate it! :)
  • I bought lanterns from Ikea which will line the ceremony aisle. I'm going to use them as centerpieces after. The smaller ones are $7.99 and taller ones $14.99. I am putting pillar candles inside. I'm going to wrap a square cardboard box with nice vintage looking wrapping paper then place the lantern on top for more height. You can surround the lantern with small vases with a few stems of flowers or frosted slim double shot glasses with a single rose. I'm also making my own manzanita crystal trees. I bought my branches on eBay then set them in plaster of Paris. They will be placed in different containers filled with flowers...you could do river rocks ($1 per bag at dollar tree) or floral moss. I'm hanging crystal strands, but i think strings of pearls could work...or hanging tea lights. You can also attach flowers. Not sure what your per table budget is. Mine will be about $40-50 each, but they are quite big like 3 ft tall. It would be much less if you got smaller branches.

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    This was my centerpiece. It cost around 4.00 for each table. The vase was from Dollar Tree, the pomander was made with fabric, and the circle on the bottom was a cake circle covered in fabric. Really cheap and really easy.

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  • Not sure what your theme is but ve searched Pinerest & Etsy for ideas. Etsy can be pricy but you can use the idea to make it yourself.

    like i found this and my FH and I are making them:
  • the flowers submerged in water is inexpensive.

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  • My centerpieces involve vases, I bought from the dollar store, filled with water beads that I bought at Arnes's party supply . I also found a good deal on submersible led lights online to put inside with the water beads. The leds match my color scheme. In all i think about $4 a centerpiece. Since mine has an Asian theme to it, im adding origami flowers and cranes. 

    Definitely check out the Dollar Tree for any vases you might be interested in :D 
  • You can use wrapping paper as a base.
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