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Do suit rentals exist? - XP

Hi ladies,

   My FI hates tuxes and wants to wear a nice suit for our wedding (still formal).  I've looked around and haven't been able to find a place that rents suits.  While he could buy one, it wouldn't get much use (he's in grad school) and we're not going to ask his groomsmen to buy a suit - 3/4 wouldn't wear it again + that's a lot of money.  Has anyone heard of a chain that you can rent suits from?


Re: Do suit rentals exist? - XP

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    My husband checked into Men's Wearhouse to rent his suit and discovered renting was about as expensive as buying, so he opted to buy instead.
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  • We looked into renting a suit, but it was actually going to cost more than buying one. FI is 6'4" so it would have cost us a ton to rent it. We know he really doesn't need one for anything else since his career field isn't formal like that and he does own nice slacks and shirts. We looked at a few places to buy and found that JCPenney was very reasonable. Especially in the big and tall department. I think that we spent $120 on his. So make sure that you compare the price of buying vs renting.


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