Please help with Oahu elopement

Hello ladies,

My FI and I have decided to elope to Oahu from Atlanta, GA. There is a small possibility 3-4 family members might attend, but for now we'll assume it's just us. If you could help me out with recommendations it would be greatly appreciated. I've done lots of googling but there's so much information out there it gets overwhelming. Mahalo! :)

Resort- we would like to stay at a really nice resort, with a spa, great pool, awesome views, fab dining, nice spacious rooms, and great onsite dining options. I also really want to attend a fabulous Luau. If we could have our wedding there for a reasonable price (a few hundred dollars) all the better.

Venue - while we would love to have our wedding at the resort, it seems that it's very expensive. So if you could recommend something with a stunning view, that is extremely private that would be great. I'd prefer not to have tons of people milling around.

Wedding planner/officiant - if it's not possible to have our wedding at the venue, if you could recommend a good wedding planning company that's relatively inexpensive with good service and good officiants. We want a Christian ceremony.

Photog - I want a great, photojournalistic photographer that does not take cheesy pics, that will allow us to have all the rights to our photos.

Video - I'd like a nice, quality, but relatively simple video.

Hair/makeup - Someone that would come to me would be great.

Music - I want to walk down the aisle to "somewhere over the rainbow", so I am not sure if this is best done with a dj or private musician.

Our budget for everything is about $6000. We would like to come in October, and to save money possibly have the wedding on a Wednesday.

Thanks so much!

Re: Please help with Oahu elopement

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    I am checking out the Hawaii bio, but if you have anything to recommend or personal anecdotes or advice that would be greatly appreciated. :)
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    Congratulations! The more I plan, the more I wish I would have eloped :) Hawaii is a great place for it, too!

    Resort- If you're having a small intimate ceremony, you should be able to get reasonable prices anywhere! Defintiely a perk to eloping. I'm not sure what your price range for hotel is, but I love the Waikiki Marriott Resort and Spa, The JW Marriott Ihilani is also great, and the Kahala.

    Venue - Resorts are painfully expensive and most are in Wakiki. For stunning views and privacy, you could check out the Kahala, Koolau (http://koolauballrooms.com/), or Waimea Falls (http://www.waimeavalley.net/wedding.aspx). If you don't want people milling around (totally understandable), definitely stay away from Waikiki.

    Music - For a small ceremony, a duo or trio would probably be perfect! I can guarantee all of them will be able to play "somewhere over the rainbow". I've heard excellent things about Ben and Malia (http://www.benandmaila.com/)
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    Paradise cove has weddings right next to their luau. They're near ko'olina and I hear it's beautiful over there.
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    Paradise Cove has ceremony space and also as the luau, you can try our WC from Hawaii Weddings and Events she can arrange everything else for you.
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    I used www.hawaiianeyeweddings.com we orderd the largest package,it was worth every pennie.We got married on a beach,then had a small dinner reception at the Kahala resort.
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    Hi there!  I would recommend checking out the following bios.  The bride was married at a "secret" beach just off the Ihilani grounds at Ko Olina.  This secret beach is where we did our e-pics.



    The Ihilani resort itself is one of my favorite places.  We had our reception there and have stayed at the hotel itself on numerous occassions.  The rooms are spacious and, although the Disney resort is scheduled to open next door, it is still less crowded than Waikiki.  The on-site restaurants are amazing and I think you could find a dining option for you and your guests.  You can see details and reviews in my married bio (link in siggy).

    As the pp mentioned, you can get married and attend the luau at Paradise Cove, which is right next to Lanikuhonua and the Ihilani Resort.

    We were married by Pastor Greig Porter and I highly recommend him.  You can read my review in my married bio.  Pastor Porter also has his own wedding company called Hookipa Wedding: http://www.hookipawedding.com/
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