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How many days for your wedding?

How many days are you taking off for the wedding events and what not?
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Re: How many days for your wedding?

  • I wasn't working.  DH took off a half day for the marriage license, and a half day the day before the wedding (Friday) to get his haircut and be on time for the rehearsal.  If I had been working I would have needed the two days before the wedding for sure...  things come up.  DH worked the Monday - Wednesday after the wedding (actually he traveled on business) and then Wednesday night we flew to India.  I think he took off 18 days for the trip (there were weekends and we were there just over three weeks).

    One of my friends ended up taking the two weeks before and after her wedding off because the stress was killing her.  I think that depends on your personality and situation a lot though.
  • I'm taking 3 weeks off and I can't wait! We live in NY but our wedding is in FL so I wanted to take a week off before the wedding to go down there and finish the last of the wedding details, meet with the vendors, de-stress before the wedding, etc. We're going on our honeymoon for 12 days after the wedding so I took those two weeks off. I'm leaving for FL in 3 weeks!! :) What are you thinking of doing?
  • I took the Friday off before the wedding. And a day off earlier in the week leading up to it as well to drop stuff off at our venue and to get our marriage license. Everything was local for us and we were married on a Sunday, so it was fine.

    After the wedding, we took three dayss off and then it was our Thanksgiving break, so we had that as well.

    In total it was 10 days off, incl. weekends and the holiday.

    (We took our honeymoon a few months later.)
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