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Good place to shop for Bridesmaid dresses without breaking the bank!

Hey guys, I'm looking for places with a good variety of bridemaid dresses that we can go look at.  I don't care if the girls have the same styles, but I want the colour to be the same, so somewhere that has a good selection of colours and styles would be good.  I have a very particular colour in my head, so I want to get on it early so I have time in case it takes me a while to find it!  Most of the gilrs are on a budget too, so reasonably priced would be good! 

Thanks so much. 


Re: Good place to shop for Bridesmaid dresses without breaking the bank!

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    I'm trying Best for Bride (torontodresses.com) this saturday.  If that fails, I'm heading back to Windsor Bridal.  Most dresses are around $200 each though at Windsor and i'm expecting the same at Best for Bride. If anyone has another idea, I'd love some input!
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    I got my wedding dress at Best for Bride but have 8 bridesmaides and found that the selection for BM dresses was not the greatest. 
    We ended up at Bridal Images (Mavis and Burnamthorpe in Misssissauga).  They are actually the manufacturers of two lines (Impressions and Divinci) and had about 400 BM dresses to try on. 
    The girls tried on about 5 different ones each, at least, and then decided on the same dress! I was going to go with them all choosing whatever dress they wanted but in the same colour/same material - which they can do there because they manufacture both lines.
    AND - so many dresses were under $200 or around $200.

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    I have recently started shopping around for bridesmaid dresses and I found a greats store on Queen Street just East of Spadina called Original (517 Queen St). The second floor is packed withy beautiful dress, and Donna, the women who works there is fantastic. Not only does she know her dresses but she's friendly and easy to work with. Yesterday she introduced to me a fantastic line called 'Stop Staring'. Based in LA these dresses are affordable and very stylish.

    Pic of the store
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4304783733/

    Stop Staring
  • StephieBowStephieBow member
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    Even though I didn't start this thread.....Thanks for the input! I'm in the same situation - bridesmaids with limited budget! Impressions seem to be a winner in terms of variety and styles that the girls in my party like! Looks like I will be heading to Bridal Images!

    Does anyone here know how early out we need to order the BM dresses? I heard it's 6 months but wanted to know if anyone has ordered and has a real answer.


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    just a follow up re: Best for Bride (Sheppard/Bathurst).  The woman there was very rude and made some inappropriate comments about some of my birdesmaids who are a bit curvy.  She also rushed us out of the store by asking us if we are ready to place our order becuase if not she has other appointments coming in.  So although their selection was decent, and the prices were good, we are hoping to purchase the BM dress elsewhere.. the funny part was, however, that we found the dress they all loved, and the price was right, but due to the womans poor attitude, we left!

    I'd say its worth goign to, but be warned, the saleswoman is awful.

    My wedding in in May, and i've been told that we should order now, as the dresses may take 3 months to arrive.
  • suellen2bwedsuellen2bwed member
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    Best for Bride in Etobicoke were wonderful, thanks for the heads up about the Toronto store. I was going there on Thursday to look at their sample bridal gowns ... still on the bridal gown hunt with no luck  :(
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    I'm getting the BMs dresses at Best for Bride. All my girls are wearing the same colour and style. I showed them a few dresses ahead of time and told the colour. They all liked it. They are different shapes and different ethnicity so it was hard to find a lighter colour that would suit everyone.

    The ladies at the Etobicoke store are fine except for one that works there. I found her a bit unproffessional and had poor customer service when I went there with one of my girls. She drove me nuts. The other thing as well, they seemed to be a bit disorganized in terms of who fitted which BMs and the lady that was there kept searching for the other girls record of sizes. 

    It wasn't as awful as I'm making it sound but I'm very picky when it comes to providing excellent customer service. I'm not sure if I'm buying my dress there though. I would have gone to a different store but I just don't have time to go to so many stores with 5 different girls who are very busy with a very limited budget.

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    Feel like a little trip,.. David's ridal in Michigan.  Or if you find a designer dress, (including wedding) netbride.com.  My friend used it for her wedding.  You just email them a name and dress code, which you can find online, and there you go, few hours later you have it.  It also helps you negotiate the price of your dress in store if you bring that to the table
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  • mattycammattycam member
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    I found the girls bridesmaid dresses at Best for Bride but got it cheaper at Bridal and Beyond.

    I wouldn't recommend any of these stores because of their lack of professionalism, customer service and limited staff.

    Best For Bride - Etobicoke. A few of the girls and I went on a Friday evening and there were only two people in the store. There were more brides than associates which meant that a lot of brides were pulling these large gowns and helping themselves (trying it on etc.) without anyone's expertise or help. Then when it was closing time, one of the associates were telling my BM and I that the store is closing but we told her since they didn't bother to help us or see how we were doing, we were extending our stay.

    Bridal and Beyond - Mississauga. They were the worse of the two. They lacked customer service and courtesy. They were not attentive and it seemed like if you weren't a bride, you weren't a priority (since I was there for the BM dresses and not my gown).
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