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How's it going?

Hey everyone!! It's been awhile since I've been on the knot.

How's planning going? 
Excited for the holiday's?


We've booked out photographer, soon going to booking the church, still looking for a nice reception site, tuxes, florists, and limo service. Slowly but surely everything is getting done, which makes me less stressed. 
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Re: How's it going?

  • It's going... As far as wedding planning goes we found out venue last Friday but since it's so far out we have to wait to put out deposit down which isn't too big of a deal... We have our eyes on a few photographers but will hopefully have our venue and photographer booked at the first of the year. When it comes to the holidays I have been procrastinating so tomorrow I am going to finally finish my shopping. I think I am getting more excited about all the things that I have to bake for FI's family and mine.
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  • Hi!

    No new accomplishments yet except for booking a DOC.

    As far as the holidays go... I literally have just finished all of my shopping. I am so excited for Christmas Eve!
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  • We have booked out venue and are waiting to put a deposit down on a caterer. I am going dress shopping next week. I know it is early, but I am just so excited!! We have tentatively booked our photographer, DJ, and hair/make-up through friend and family connections.

    Also, I think we have decided on a color scheme: yellow and gray. We are getting married at an old renovated barn and there is an amazing yellow rose garden that will be in bloom that time of year. I just had to go with yellow!
  • We have our reception and ceremony venue booked. Looking at a caterer this coming monday. We put the deposit down on tuxes...we had a deal with mens warehouse from a bridal show and had to pick a tux (but we can change it within the next year and a half if we don't like it) and put a $60.00 deposit down on it (and FI got a free suit out of it so that was nice). I found someone to take our engagement pictures (FI aunt is doing our wedding photos). A lot of the little stuff I have already (guest book, invitations, place cards, table cards, cake cutting stuff etc). 
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  • I'm just waiting to officially book my venue since they won't book until 2012 hits :-)

    Other than that, I'm just coasting along while lurking and posting on TK :-P
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    Planning Bio-Added FOR SALE page, will be adding more stuff to it soon! 
  • @Corkey450, I have had my dress since this Feb. It's never to early! I have to start getting into shape soon for a wedding I am in in June. So I'll have to keep it up for my wedding, which will be nice. I will already be motivated to stay in shape.
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  • AJKP - glad to hear that! My Fiancé and my mother think I should wait, but it feels right to me. I can't wait to get into those dresses!!!
  • @Corkey450 I already have my dress too!  I literally was jumping up and down to go try on dresses!

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  • We have booked our ceremony and reception venue and are close to booking a photographer...that's really about it! We may have a family friend in the DJ business do the reception and a friend of my fiance's do the ceremony music, tentatively.  I'm saving dress shopping for after graduation in April!
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  • We will be attending a bridal show in a couple weeks to get a few ideas. As far as planning goes, we know what church (just have to see if it'll happen) and have a couple ideas for venues. We have our guest list ready for the most part and we've bought a couple things we may need like program templates and stuff for centerpieces. :)
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