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Just mailed invites!!!

Just mailed my invites!!  Makes it seem even more real.  77 Days to go!  Hope you all are doing well in the planning process and not getting stressed out!  We're almost there!

Re: Just mailed invites!!!

  • I'm going to start stuffing mine so I can mail them soon! 
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  • Going tomorrow to mail mine :) So exciting!!!
  • When are your RSVP dates?  And when is your count due to your vendors?  I'm just curious because I wasn't going to send out my invites until October 10 (December 1 wedding) now I am wondering if I should do it sooner.  They are not quite ready, but I could probably have them ready by the weekend if I got some help.  My RSVP date is Nov 16 and I have to have my count to the caterer by November 24.
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  • Alexa- I'm sending mine out October 5th for my December 1st wedding.  My rsvp date is November 9th and I need to have numbers of people RSVP-ing to everyone by November 21st. You should be good!
  • Ahhh!! That's so amazing! I'm mailing mine out next week, although we need a set number for the venue for Nov 16. I think it'll give us time though.
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    My RSVP date is November 2. We have family outside the u.s. so had to mail earlier. I also wanted a few weeks to make sure I get everyone's RSVP.. My catering numbers are due 2 or 3 weeks before dec. 1
  • We are mailing our invites next week and we couldn't be more excited!! Our RSVP date is 11/12/'s getting so close!!!  Smile
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  • I'm super late on this, but fiance *without checking with me* ran out finished everything and put an 10/1 RSVP date on ours so we HAD to get them out asap for our 12/29 wedding. I *wanted* to have an 11/1 rsvp date but just reflected that on our wedding website. Also, I did want to get them out early due to it being right in the middle of holidays.
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  • wow, this makes me feel really behind.  I haven't even ordered my invites yet!  My wedding is 12/28 and we are going to have the rsvp date as 12/1.  We plan on ordering the invites next week and sending them mid-october.  I have my first bridal shower this weekend and am starting to get really excited for the wedding!  
  • I mailed mine last week, my RSVP date is 11/1 and all my vendors need their numbers about 2 weeks before the wedding. My wedding is 12/1/12
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