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Hey Girls

So I'm wearing a small part of my churaa...not the entire set.  I took off most of it for the reception (it didn't match) and the section that I kept on was advised by one of my Bridesmaids.

I love wearing it...I still feel like a dulhan....and I love when people notice that I'm wearing my churaa. (doesn't always go with a black business suit lol)

My mother in law also has asked me to keep what I have on and she said we'd go to the mandir to take them off.  Wearing the churaa is not really my culture (I'm hindu) but my husband's family is hindu punjabi so they've adopted this custom (I believe it's a sikh tradition)

As this is my first experience with it (none of my friends are married so they can't really give be their experience) I wanted to know when are they taken off?  Can you take them off in the shower or to go to sleep?  (what is acceptable?)

Re: Churaa...

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    Hey MrsBM

    I'm a hindu punjabi bride as well. I asked my mom this same question, and she told me now & days it's really up to the bride. Back in the day they'd wear it for upwards of one month. My my told me I don't have to wear them for more than one week. So it's really up to you. :) If you have no problem wearing them for as long as your MIL has asked you, then stick with it until you go the mandir. 

    I'm thinking that I'll wear the full set for a week & then wear maybe just a section for a little while. 

    Hope this helped!

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    Hi Bhanu!

    Bride with a chura here lol. I am also not wearing the whole thing, just one section of it since I had to take some off for reception like you. I am Sikh Punjabi and my husband is Hindu Punjabi so we are both familiar with it.I am wearing mine, the tradition says you wear it for 40 days and then the hubby takes it off you. I will be wearing mine a little past 40 days since I wont see him at the 40 day dot. And yes ppl do notice it a lot its very shiny and noticeable and the other day my roomate talked about how nice it is to see a bride still decked up with the chura and jewelry :) and I had forgotten the feeling of a new bride already till she mentioned it!
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    Thansk for sharing the info ladies!

    I agree...wearing the 'bridal' jewelry is nice.  I def feel special :) :)

    Nicky---what about when you were on your HM...and in the water...were you worried that they may fall off?
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    No, they didnt fall off.I was in water (a lot) with them the chlorine in the pool might fade the color a bit, even ziplinning with them...you name it lol . And not even a single stone has fallen out yet! I am sooo surprised! my mom says enjoy this moment, you only wear it once in your lifetime :)
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    Thanks for those tips Nicky!

    At work wearing them while typing on my laptop has been challenging...I'm constantly pushing them back after having them hit the table or key board :$ Some of my stones have fallen out :(

    But I gotta admit ...I love wearing them!!!  They still **sparkle**

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