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Finally making plans a reality

FI and I have finally made some headway on our wedding plans etc. Since, our finances are tight, we have decided to far go the big wedding plans and go with something small scale. We will get married by JOP and have a small dinner reception with just our immediate family. The money that we will save will go towards our honeymoon instead. After the dinner reception we plan to get a nice hotel room in French Quarter, then leave the following Sunday for a cruise to Jamaica for 7 days. Now im getting excited and cant wait for July to get here.

Re: Finally making plans a reality

  • Good for you!!
  • Sounds like a solid path and you sound excited! Congrats!


  • edited December 2012
    Yes, I am very excited and so is my FI. We have made some more adjustments to our day. We have now set our date to be July 20, 2013, Saturday afternoon wedding have a lunch reception. Our parents are wanting to help out, so they are excited too. My FI's sister who lives in London is planning on coming which i am thrilled. All of our families are excited for us except for 1 who wants to ruin everything. I just dont understand why some people want rain on our parade. Is it jealousy or just being mean?
  • In Response to Re:Finally making plans a reality:
    [QUOTE]It's ignorance.  Have you ever heard of Frederick Pohl, the science fiction writer? "Pohl's Law" states that nothing is so wonderful that somebody, somewhere, won't hate it.
    Posted by RetreadBride[/QUOTE]

    LoveitLoveitLoveit!!  A pity that it's true, but it is SO true!!!
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