I posted a message similar to this one on the registering and gifts board, but I thought I would get some local opinions too. My fiance and I started the registering process a couple of weeks ago and noticed that we were having a hard time finding decor type things that we liked. We decided to register at bb&b because they have pretty much everything for the home and also Macy's because I love fiestaware and want it as my everyday dishes. I think that our style would be considered like shabby chic if that makes sense, we like to buy old furniture and restore it and stuff like that so I guess maybe the stuff at Macy's and bb&b is too I can't think of the right word..... clean, manufactured I dunno :) Our other ideas have been Pier 1-no registry that I can find, World Market- no registry and Amazon, but I am little nervous about doing an online only registry. Anyone have any thoughts, opinions, suggestions, any local only stores? If anything we will just stick to our two registries and worry about collecting decor stuff on our own once we move into our new place. Thanks for the help ladies!

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    I really like Macy's and Crate and Barrell. They have A LOT of cute decor stuff...also, Pottery Barn online is great! Have you ever thought of Target? it's cheap, but great "shabby chic" style!
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    I would suggest just not registering for as much. Or what about registering at Lowe's or something for home improvement stuff and/or gift cards to help with your projects?
    There's really no point in registering for stuff you don't want.
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    FWIW- Target's return policy is pretty lame. 
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    I am not much of a traditionalist when it comes to registeries, so my advice might not apply -- I think an Amazon registry would be perfect.  Amazon has a new feature where you can add items from any website to your wish list -- that would cover you for Pier 1 and World Market (which were two places I wished had registeries when I was getting married).  I'm sure some people will consider it tacky, but there are people who think registering at all is tacky.  Less technically savvy guests won't ever see you Amazon registry no matter what, of course.  So do the Amazon registry, but also throw in a traditional store or two as well for the more traditional folks. 
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    Kitchen Kaboodle is a local store that does registries (in-store only, I think), and they do have some decor and furniture.
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