Fitness tips for a belly bulge??

I just got engaged and figured it would be a good time to start working on slimming down my belly bulge so I can wear a bikini confidently by the time the honeymoon rolls around =) I work out lightly on a regular basis - mostly just jogging a couple times a week. I'm not looking for any crazy diets or anything like that - just want a good workout plan or any nutrition tips that will help me achieve the body I want over the next year or so =)

I've heard that pilates and yoga could help with flattening my belly - but figured I'd try the local board to see if anyone has a recommendation for a good class or personal trainer in the area! Please help!

Re: Fitness tips for a belly bulge??

  • When I got engaged, I started a membership at Diva Den Studio off 217 and highway 99 in Tigard.  I am OBSESSED!  I never used to be into fitness, but they make it very fun (and no, I don't work there...I honestlly love their services).

    They are a girls only fitness studio with all drop in classes.  Everything from zumba, dance styles, cardio, weights, ballet, to kick boxing and more.  I THINK I heard that they are doing a summer special, so you may want to try looking them up.

    I toned up a lot in the past 9 months, I can really see a difference.  The girls that go regularly (lots of brides) are very very sweet.

    Message me if you have any questions.

  • Barre3 is awesome, check out their web site. Classes are a bit pricey, but worth it. And you can do online classes for 15 bucks a month, as many as you want, from home. Barre3.com. 

    It is made to fight the belly bulge. 

    When I want to slim down I usualy focus on less simple sugar and less simple carbs. Good luck. 
  • You get fit in fit in the gym by lose weight in the kitchen---This is very true, clean diet will make you loose weight, the gym is a fitness aid, gets your physically stronger
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