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Alcohol Laws??

Does anyone know what the laws are for providing your own alcohol at the wedding?

Our reception site allows us to bring our own alcohol, but it says that you have to abide by MI laws.

We are not planning on having a hired bartender, but just having family or friend man the drinks.

Anyone know if this is a problem, or have done this before?

Thank you!

Re: Alcohol Laws??

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    akhensley81akhensley81 member
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    Hi there!

    This might help: (Link)
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    Thank you, that was very helpful!!
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    SnippylynnSnippylynn member
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    Just remember, that whomever is running the bar, should be aware of people getting beyond the point of drunk, that they are checking for minors because you CAN be held responsible for that.  And you MUST be sure that people who are leaving your reception drunk are not driving.  You can be held responsible.

    As a side note, I'm sure you are tryin to keep costs down, etc.  But to ask a family member or a friend to bartend during your wedding, when they should be having fun isn't very nice.  It might be worth it for a few hours to just have someone come in to make a bit of extra money.  Just a thought.
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    mandybumandybu member
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    Your reception site allows your own alcohol? Where is it? I also want to do this but I can't find a place that allows it!
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    Its Nutt Farms in Ravenna, MI, which is alittle bit north of Coopersville. The website is hitchingpostevents.com
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