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Need Opinions on the bustle- PIP!

Ok ladies, I need your honest opinion...is the bustle too much for my dress? I'm worried it is too big and starting to get anxiety...she hasn't started working on it yet so there is still time to halt the process!


Re: Need Opinions on the bustle- PIP!

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    I think it looks fine. It's beautiful! I personally wouldn't like something that big, but that's on me, you look like you can pull it off without any issues. But if you really are that worried you should let her know and she might recommend something, maybe go a tad bit smaller? Did you walk around in it and tried dancing? lol
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    Your dress is beautiful and elegant and imho I would just let it fall naturally. No bustle at all!  HTH!
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    I'm having the same issue... I have a lot of dress and I'm afraid the bustle will be too much.. but I don't need a 3 foot train dragging behind me.

    I think your bustle looks good. If you're comfortable with it, go for it.
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    I would definitely do a more natural looking bustle. It is beautiful as it is and adding the "cake merengue" effect (which is beautiful, but for a different style dress) might be too much for this dress. Have her do something more simple, if you prefer.

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    It looks nice but I would look at some alternatives before making a final decision. :)
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