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We just received the photos from our engagement session (we did those very late I guess), and my mom is already asking me about what photo we've picked for the announcements in the paper (we're doing two because our families live in separate cities). I'm just wondering, how far in advance do we do newspaper announcements? I'm fairly new to all things wedding, I haven't been to many weddings, and I still have a little over 2 months until the big day.
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  • Even the tiny local (where I used to work) now charges $30 to run an engagement. 

    However, our paper does make it super easy. You can email your photo (or have your photographer do it if there are release issues or such) and the form is online too. Check your papers' websites. 
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    I think now would be a fine time to run the announcement. In my paper I've seen announcements 6 or 7 months out all the way up to one week before the wedding.

    Like others said, they do charge to do it. There was a form I filled out online and then I uploaded a pic. it cost more to do a picture and then I went over the minimum line limit so I had to pay more for that (I didn't add anything extra either; just filling in the information on the form made it go over, so you could cut back if you wanted). I think to run our engagement announcement it was almost 50 bucks total!

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    Our engagement announcement is appearing in the paper this week for our August 18 wedding, although we have been engaged since last August. This seems to be the norm in my area. I just browsed the paper to see when people were putting in announcements. This is what I would recommend. And I agree that the price is crazy. We paid 65 dollars for a small announcement with a picture!
  • theknot calendar said to submit the engagement announcement 6 months before the wedding, and that's about what we did.

    My home town's weekly didn't charge. We submitted the text and photo. It was strangely hard to do, though. Hard to contact the right person at the paper. Hard to figure out how they wanted it submitted (snail-mail? e-mail? FAX? can't FAX a photo). They didn't warn us when it would run, either. This is a paper that has printed about my family lots. The editor-in-chief had just printed an apology/change of position on letters to the editor my father had written over the years.

    It was just, like I said, strangely hard. But I think that's just 'cause the staff is so small and probably doesn't keep regular hours.
  • I figured I'd have to pay. I tried to find anything on our local paper's website about submitting an announcement, but didn't have any luck. Haven't tried my parents' paper yet though
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