The Dalles Ranch

Has anyone been to or had a wedding at The Dalles Ranch.  I am in love but just working out the logistics is tought with it being not really close to hotels for the guests. 
Any thoughts?!

Re: The Dalles Ranch

  • I haven't been there....but are there any areas nearby that people can camp at?  
    We are getting married in Canby and we have a friend who lives about 15 mins away who have offered us their huge backyard for our guests to camp at if they want (or there are a few hotels about the same proximety.
    I'm hoping to rent a bus to transport the campers to and from the wedding so they can really let loose and not worry about driving anywhere afterwards. 

    Then again, our wedding is going to be pretty causal......Country/rustic, burlap and lace theme, BBQ dinner, photobooth, dancing and open bar.  
    DF and I are not the prim and proper type lol  :)
  • We're getting married about 15 min south of The Dalles (in Dufur), and a lot of our guests are staying in The Dalles. Looks like the ranch is maybe 25 min from The Dalles proper? That's not horribly far to go, but I agree, renting a bus might be the way to go if you're wanting your guests to be able to relax and not worry about designated drivers and whatnot.
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  • There are several hotels within 15 miles of the ranch, unless Google Maps is lying to me.  I don't see a problem with that at all.
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