Quincy Marriott?

Has anyone had their wedding or been to a wedding here? Interested in some reviews before I go to check it out! Thanks!

Re: Quincy Marriott?

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    FI and I checked it out in January and  we really were disappointed by it!  There are tons of hidden costs, from a coat check to parking to cake cutting and the price varied based upon what food items you got. The smaller room was okay it had a low ceiling and was rectangular.  The other room has no window and a hideous rug.  Not to mention that up to 3 events could be going on at the same time.  We really wanted to like it because my brother works in the Executive offices for Marriott and we probably would have gotten a discount.  The idea of reward points made it more appealing as did the idea of a place onsite that our guests could stay.  In the end we could not compromise on the costs and dollar for dollar it wasn't worth it. 

    I hope this doesn't turn you off from it, this was just our thoughts on it.  You really should see it for yourself to make a fully informed decision.  Good luck in finding the right place for you.

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    We actually just booked our wedding there for the Fall of 2012. After looking at over 30 places in the Boston area, I felt this place had the best deal. We are having the wedding on a Friday night, which gives us 15% off the meals. There are no hiddon costs, other than having to get police detail for $250 (required by the City of Quincy) but the sales team was very upfront about it. The floor is pretty ugly, but I found some pictures online and I'm very confident that the tables and uplighting can hide it. When we went to tour the hotel, the ballroom was setup for a 500 person Indian wedding and it was STUNNING!! I love the little ourdoor area for the ceremony and the cocktail hour.

    Everything is included in the package price: the cake (from Konditor Meister), cake cutting fees, upgraded linens, chiavari chairs, a suite for the wedding night, and even hotel rooms for the parents. 

    Granite links was about 140 per person (not including open bar!!) package will be 76 per person (originally $90 but we recieved %15 off for Friday night) plus 28 each for open bar. You can't find this anywhere in the Boston area. Ceremony fee is $1000.

    There is also $6.25 state tax, $.25 city tax, 14% gratuity and 8% service fee (which I've seen some places at 21% and it doesn't include gratuity).

    Our room rate for guests will be $135 per night.

    Feel free to e-mail me with any other questions ([email protected]).
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    I'm having my wedding there on 11/12/11.  We're very happy with everything so far.  Our coordinator's name is Mary Kate and she's been wonderful!  I think they used to have lots of hidden fees and a lot of stuff wasn't included in their package, but they've redone them and its all included now.  Good luck!!
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