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FS-Cobalt blue sea glass

I have 18 1lb bags of cobalt blue sea glass available. I ordered what I thought was seafoam green and got cobalt blue instead. I paid $25 for all bags, willing to sell for $15 plus you pay shipping. Email me and let me know if you want them.

Re: FS-Cobalt blue sea glass

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    What about mixing some of the blue with the seafoam?  The combo would be beautiful!
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    We did a "trial table" doing that, but I have navy blue table clothes and the cobalt blue clashes just a bit with the navy. We ended up finding the exact seafoam color I wanted at the Christmas Tree Shop! There's a picture on here from a Navy CT wedding where I got the idea from...if you see the picture you'll see what I mean. But thank you for the suggestion!
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