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DJ help

So I am looking for a DJ for our wedding. We are doing everything ourselves and on a small budget. I have called around and seen prices from $450-$2700. I don't know what I am looking for. I don't want to get screwed just because I cant afford much. So, I called Complete music and Dj services and the guy I talked to was really nice. I then called two other DJ's who admittedly say they are more expensive but say they wouldn't use Complete Music. I know they are both trying to get my business....but who to trust. Any thoughts or experiences?

Re: DJ help

  • RosemaryCBRosemaryCB member
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    Complete Music is just fine, but you need to request a specific DJ because not all of them are experienced or good.  They are basic coverage, but they do okay.

    I seem to recall a Travis/Trevor being good, as well as Justin.  And there is a little short guy who does an awesome job--I can't remember his name, though!
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    We went with Masterful DJ.  The guy's name is Mark Brisson and he's been fantastic so far. (Our wedding is in July).  He is only $75 an hour, which was the best price around.  His e-mail is [email protected]
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    I just booked Adkins Island Dj's for my wedding.  It is two guys who started the business because they were disappointed in what they saw from the DJ in their own weddings and other weddings.  They thought it should be much better.  They have 3 packages, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  The silver package is only $250 for 4 hours ($25 each additional hour) and includes 2 15" speakers and a few light effects.  The Gold package is $400 for 4 hours and includes bigger speakers and more lights, and I don't remember how much the platinum package was but it was around $600.  Check out their website below, and send them an email or give them a call.  Adam is really easy to talk to and will explain everything.  http://adkinsisland.com/home.aspx
  • inkygirlinkygirl member
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    Just please don't hire You're Next DJ and Karaoke...they sound like a bunch of hicks anytime they talk...and I don't mean just the accent.  Completely unprofessional sounding.  And I've heard a lot of bad things about Hey Mr. DJ and heard him recently at a wedding.  It was also very unprofessional...he messed up the mother/son dance, the toast started and the wait staff was still filling the champagne glasses and the bride and groom didn't even have anything in their glasses.  It was crazy.  Plus, he played one song 3 times in 30 minutes.  Not good. 
  • amymlyonsamymlyons member
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    I went with Complete Music for my wedding several weeks ago. We had Kyle Wood - he was absolutely amazing. It was the perfect reception and he played a big role in it. We had tons of guests commenting about how great a job he did. I fully recommend him!!
  • hanneal88hanneal88 member
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    I am also looking for a great DJ to get the party started.  My wedding party and many guests are under 24 and I really want it to be a party. Beer, wine (unlimited) and hors d'oeuvres will be served so I want the party to last and I feel the DJ can make or break my reception.
  • sglenn2sglenn2 member
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    Thanks Ladies!
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