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    Our photographer did a wonderful job and we love all the photos. Some of our favorite images were scattered throughout the entire day. They are moments that were captured as opposed to posed. After the reception was over we took photos of just us. This was the perfect way to end at our venue. I am very happy we had this time alone with our photographer.
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    First of all, does the pro photographer know that you will have a friend shooting also?  You will want to make sure that he is OK with that.

    I love all my pictures, but I would say that probably my favorite pictures were the B&G photos (just like the PP, only ours were done after the ceremony during cocktail hour).  There are also some formals that I really like.  But it's hard because my siggy picture is one of my very favorites and it was one of the very last ones of the night. 

    But if I could only have a pro for one hour, I would want it to be the hour of B&G photos so make sure you have the pros take those. 
  • Definitely make sure your Pro photographer is aware of your friend photographers plans to shoot. Most professionals have a non compete clause in their contract that states that they are the only photographer you retain for the day. If they show up and this other photographer is there, they could legally leave your wedding without shooting a single shot and keep all of your money since you would have breached the contract. 

    So if you have not already, talk to your photographer in regards to the friend photographer shooting and see what their specific policies are. 
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