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Hello!! So I'm graduating with my bachelor's in psychology in June (ewwww!!!) and want to go to graduate school (masters in school psychology) but am taking a year off to save up for the wedding and get my anxiety under control (I have Generalized Anxiety and Social Anxiety).

So here's my question: If I want to work on my Master's part-time (take a class here and there when I can afford it) rather than go full-time, do I still need to take the GRE?

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  • If you are matriculating then yes. If you are going to start as non-degree seeking, then maybe not. Also, not all schools require them. I took mine only to discover I didn't need them for the school I chose.
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  • It depends on the school, the grad program I got accepted to you dont need to take the GRE at all. From what I heard many schools are started to stop using the GRE for the same reasons undergrad programs are now starting to stop using SAT scores (they have noticed it works a lot like an IQ test, cant tell you as much as the GPA). 
    And I have an anxiety issue also which is one of the reasons I am not going to grad school, and why my wedding is two years plus from when we got engaged lol. 
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  • First off, I think taking time off is a great idea.  I did and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

    As far as the GRE, it really depends on the program.  Just take a look at the schools you are thinking about and see what they want.
  • Most likely yes. Masters programs don't work like Bachelor's programs. I don't think you can just take masters classes here and there without being accepted into the program unless it's part of your undergrad curriculum. If you're going into psychology, you're most likely going to have to take the GRE. I would take it, just in case. It's good to use on applications to programs for 5 years so it's best to just be done with it. I just took it.
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  • Hi! I am actually starting my MA in Counseling Psych (concentration in forensic psych) in a month. Yes, you do need to take the GRE for most schools. But it isn't that bad. Check ahead of time to see what schools require it.
    Just a heads up: some schools require that you complete your masters within a certain amount of time. For my school, you must finish within 6 years. So it's not a matter of a class here, or class there. I took a year off too, after finishing my bachelors. But realistic about what you can handle!
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