pre-marital counseling?

Has anyone done non-religious pre-marital counseling in Richmond?  If so, who did you see and was it valuable?  


Re: pre-marital counseling?

  • I know you're asking if we did non-religious premarital counseling, but we did do religious (against my will) and I actually found it reassuring for us. As a couple, we have talked about finances, we know how to pick our fights and when to give in to the other, and we know how we want to handle the house, kid, etc.

    What I would do if I were you is talk to a couple you've known for awhile, whether it be your cousin, aunt, or parents, and ask them if they had "surprises" after they were married that they hadn't quite figured out. There were a lot of couples at the religious marital retreat thing that hadn't talked about finances, things that truely bothered them about the other person that they've never mentioned, etc. Although I could've done without the praying, my fiance and I did work some things out that we had yet to talk about.

    Also, look online to see if someone has made a list of suggested things to talk about before you get hitched. Getting married isn't just about love, it's about two households coming together and two different minds working to make one cohesive and united family.
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  • I'm not sure where you work, but if your work has an EAP program, they will give you a list of counselors that specialize in that pre-marital counseling.  That way you won't be going to a religious counseling session.   Good Luck
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