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Opinion on place setting doubling as favors

Me and my fiance are wine lovers....and we were thinking of doing this.  We found a website (valencialiquor.com) that has mini wine bottles and you can pick from numerous different wines.  We were thinking of using these as seating assignments (using a fancy paperclip stuck down in the cork with a card attached to the top with the persons name and table number) which would doube as their favor.  I was also going to make keychains out of used wine corks (which I can get from a local wine store) and leaving them at each place setting.  Does this sound like a good idea?
Also, I am having several children at the reception...and am having trouble thinking of a "favor" for them.  Any ideas?

Re: Opinion on place setting doubling as favors

  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    Because many of these mini bottles have screw caps rather than cork, you may want to try something like ^(link)^ this photo holder as a way to attach your escort cards.  Even if the bottle has a cork, you would not want to risk compromising the seal of the bottle with anything inserted into it.

    There are many variaitons of this type of DIY photo holder.

    Another suggestion would be to make simple wine charms as opposed to key chains.  My personal opinion, however, is that the wine itself would be sufficient as a favor.  Your idea sounds very cute.

    For the children, could you offer sparkling juice or water instead?

    If you have access to lots of corks, this link shows another cute way to incorporate them with your escort cards.  You could use one large wine bottle on each table to indicate the table numbers......http://www.weddingchicks.com/2009/06/02/free-wine-lables/

  • Thank you....I had never thought about the bottles not having a cork!  Glad you mentioned it.  Thanks for the other ideas!  I think I will definately use the corks as the card holders.  Do you think I should put the mini bottles on the tables at each place setting or on a separate table?
  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
    Ninth Anniversary 5000 Comments 500 Love Its 5 Answers
    I think you could easily incorporate the bottles at each place setting. 

    I am not sure what type of centerpiece you are considering, but I have seen many variations on this theme that look really nice and would tie in with your favors:

  • I think the bottles are enough.  You don't need to waste money on other little "things" to go with them.

    If you want to get them for your place settings, can you change out the labels and add each person's name to a label?
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  • My FI and I were going to do the half wine bottle thing.  You can totally have them double as favors.

    Only reason we didn't is because they were 5$ a bottle.  We were going to do one per couple but that would still be rather expensive.  Also because we aren't planning on doing place cards at the seats just the escort cards at the entrance, we thought it would be confusing if everyone didn't have one at their seat and hard for people to figure out who was to get one and not.  Just didn't want to make it wierd for the couples.  We decided to go with a heart shaped tea infuser because we both like tea.  Got it at the knots online store and they ended up being less than 2 dollars each!

    I know we will prolly have a ton left over but I think they can be used as cute teacher gifts or just a nice thank you gift for any occasion, just have to make sure they weren't at the wedding!
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  • I think that it sounds like a really good idea. I don't think that it is necessary for you to have a second favor unless you really really want to. I personally would appreciate the bottle more than the keychain. For the kids you could do sparkling juice or a cute bottle of pop-- Jones Soda comes to mind.
  • I like your idea.

    My FI and I are doing the place cards in wine corks. (similar to these but we are making them ourselves from the corks our families are collecting for us...   http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=wine+cork+place+card+holders&hl=en&prmd=imvns&resnum=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1006&bih=668&wrapid=tlif132829822190510&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=12731742047956270148&sa=X&ei=9jgsT4zoMIjs0gGr_qSRCw&ved=0CHcQ8gIwAA#)   Then at each place there will be a bottle of red or white or sparkling cider that we are bottling ourselves.  We recently picked up the bottles and the favors will come to just over a dollar each.  The bottles are similar to these...http://www.sks-bottle.com/340c/fin18aa.html but we picked them up at a local bottle distributor.  We will then put a nice label that matches our invites on the front and a small label with the type of wine over the top (like an old tax stamp)

    My only thing would be to try to use corks from the wine you uncorked instead of buying them.  Or you could even ask your local restaurants and reception site if they could keep the corks for you.
  • We're using cork place card holders which people will take home as gifts. They double as picture holders as well and we're also having a photo booth so the picture strip could be put into the cork place card holder afterwards...or any other picture for that matter.
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