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Dress Help PLEASE!!

So Im not looking for a white fluffy cupcake dress, the one I am pretty set on is from gallery serpentine and is red but to make sure Im not buying the first dress I liked I really want to look around more, just not at bridal salons. Anyone have any idea where I can find some formal dresses in red? I have no clue where to start other than google and that hasnt turned out so good. Im looking for anywhere around southern Ontario or upstate NY. Any ideas?!

Re: Dress Help PLEASE!!

  • i'd try anywhere girls in your area buy prom gowns, and i'd look at prom dress options, or google quincenera in your area they have amazing dresses in red!
  • If you're willing to shop online, I'd suggest Romantic Threads. They have a variety of styles and period dresses, and you can order most anything in any color you want. I'm considering ordering from them, though I have agreed to try on some foofy white bridal gowns for my mother and MIL's sake ('Cause my mom is paying for it and I need to keep her happy, too.)
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  • You guys are FABULOUS!

    Thank you so much in joining me in not being the only bride wearing a red dress!!!

    (That other wedding site thinks im crazy!)
  • thanks for the ideas ladies, i really want to try some on before buying but i think im going to have to end up getting something online... arg! ive seen a couple pnina's that were nice but theres no way i would spend that mich for something i dont love love love.
  • What if you got your LOVE LOVE LOVE dress in white (or ivory) then had it dyed red?  Like Gwen stafani did with hers?  OR had red as an accent color?
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  • Hi
    check out they
    made my dress for $449 on sale. I saw a black wedding gown they made for a bride on facebook it was beautiful, I'm sure they would make Red wedding gowns. 
    Good luck.
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