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Is this normal???

So FI have been very testy with each other recently.  We are trying our best to stay calm but since he lives in Michigan it is very hard to plan a wedding when I live on the east coast and he doesn't.  Ultimately, I will be moving to Michigan.  Is this normal???  What do I do???

Re: Is this normal???

  • reshma82reshma82 member
    edited December 2011
    normal- i live in michigan and my fiance lives on the east coast.. planning a wedding gets frustrating.. you just have to get through it.. laugh about stuff.. and if its a serious issue, talk it out (even yell sometimes) and then let it go..
    if you have to talk about wedding stuff, designate a time that you will talk about wedding stuff, get that done with and then move on to other things.. it can also get annoying fast when you and him just call each other to complain about wedding stuff or family.. so I try to first say hi and talk about other things first- if its complaining i leave it to my gfs or something especially if its something not related to him.
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    We live in the same home and we get a little testy at times. It's usually because a deadline is creeping up or his family is calling us for details.
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    I think it is totally normal!!  Just take a deep breath, plan a time for you to talk about non-wedding stuff too so you also have protected time to just enjoy each other, even if that has to be over the phone/skype.
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    It is so normal!! We are having the same issues!
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    Totally normal! I'm in MI too and my boyfriend is in London!!! It'll be stressful for us when the time comes. I feel ya!
  • bridetobeeebridetobeee member
    edited December 2011
    Completely normal. A friend of mine said that if your relationship can survive wedding planning, it can survive anything!
  • edited December 2011
    thats so great to know!! I am in the same boat! living away from my fiance and wedding planning long distance. Good to know its not just me!Smile
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