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New York-Long Island

Catholic Officiants

Hello All-
I am getting married next Sept at Woodbury Country Club, and am looking for a catholic officiant to perform the ceremony. I have met with a couple already however the problem is they seem to just be another vendor that wants my money. That is not what we are interested in. We  understand its a business and money is required however we are looking for someone who is willing to get to know us, meet with us a few times (sort of like a pre-cana) and can bring our beliefs and feelings into the ceremony. We want to feel really comfortable with the person.
Again I do not want someone who meets with us once takes a deposit and then sees us once before the ceremony. If anyone has had a good experience like this  and can recommend someone I would appreciate it.
TIA :-)

Re: Catholic Officiants

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    A girl at work got married last year and she wasn't a Catholic officiant so to say, but she was an officiant who would incorporate catholic prayers and elements into a more civil ceremony. I have texted her for the contact info. I will let you know!
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    great! thanks!!
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    My officiant is open to everything, not just specifically catholic, but she'll insorporate whatever you like into your ceremony.  She was a reference from one of our vendors so we figured why not try her first when we were looking around. 
    After meeting her we didn't have to look any further.  She's amazing.  At our meeting we spent over an hour with her discussing our relationship and what we wanted for our ceremony.  She'e really interested in her clients and has many resources available to make your ceremony meaningfull.  So far we've only met with her once but she's offered as many meetings and councing sessions as we need before the wedding date included in her fee. 
    Her name is Kathleen Casserly and her cell number is 631-235-4838.  Her email is kathleen.cas[email protected]

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    Ahhh excellent! Jazz is referencing the same person I am. Now you haev 2 good recs for her!
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    Funny we were talking about the same person.  She's actually doing my friend's wedding as well.  We fell in love with her when we met her.

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    It's always good to have multiple opinions. So happy someone else had the same thought I did.
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    I think the issue with Catholic officiants is that the Catholic Church generally does not allow priests to say weddings in anything but a Catholic Chuch.  That said, my friend was married in an interfaith (Catholic/Jewish) ceremony in her backyard a few years ago, and used Msgr. Lisante, whom she said was fabulous--he really took the time to get to know them as a couple.  I'm not sure where he's based, but I'm sure you could google his name and you'll be able to find him.  Good luck!
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