Make-Up is not good to me

So its offical, I think I have a bad reaction to make-up. Very sensitive to it and can't handle it anymore. So I need to go on my wedding day with no make-up. Is there an alternative?
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Re: Make-Up is not good to me

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    have you tried bare minerals... or airbrushing??? will it make you break out when you're wearing it or after you've worn it for a long time?? if not until after, i say tough it out if you want to wear makeup.. what do you normally wear?
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    its has been random stuff people recommend to me. Mostly from Sephora...
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    Try bare minerals... I have sensitive skin and it is ok... Clinique also works really well for me!!
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    I third Bare Minerals. Great stuff.
  • apnk2005apnk2005 member
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    A lot of the Sephora stuff is not so good for sensitive skin.  At least, I've had problems with it.  I second Clinique...they're really good for sensitive skin. although I've heard good things about Bare Minerals, too.
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    I fifth or sixth bare minerals but make sure you are cleaning your make up brushes too! ;)
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    Unless you mean you've used the Sephora house brand, for the most part, they're just a vendor that sells makeup made by other companies - so it's not really meaningful that you got it there.  It's all in the actual makeup brand and type you're getting.

    That said, have you done any online searches for reviews of makeup for sensitive skin?  At least some direction on that might help you decide if you should use water-based or not, use some with an SPF or not, etc.

    I'd guess Bare Minerals might work for you, since it's a powder and not a liquid base.  But I'd do a little google searching before you plunk down any more $.  And maybe buy somewhere like Nordies so you can return it if you have a problem.

    Good luck!
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    I have super sensitive skin, too.  I use Aveda make-up and haven't had a problem at all.  Plus, you can return it if you do have a problem.  I don't return things there very often, but on the rare times it has happend, they have been super nice and understanding.  (That being said, some of their cleansers & moisturizers have been a problem for me, so keep that in mind.)

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    I also recommend bareminerals.  I've purchased at the Bellevue mall before and they have said they will let you return it if it doesn't work out.  HTH!
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    I use Origins stuff, which you can get at macy's I have really sensitive skin (and it is almost worse when it is labeled "for sensitive skin". The biggest thing is to be sure to use clean sponges and things- if you cant, use cotton balls or your clean fingers. That is usually where bateria grows and can cause problems.
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