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Are you still looking for a house? There are a couple up in my development... I'm pretty sure it's what you are looking for too, as most of the houses in the neighborhood meet what you're looking for.

Not sure what they're asking's in Pike Creek section (near Newark, Christiana, Hockessin, about 15min from downtown Wilmington and 20min from Elkton, MD).

Our development name is Linden Hill Village

3232 Whiteman Rd. Wilmington, DE

the other is for sale by owner don't remember the address sorry, just know it's on New Kent Rd.


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    Thanks!  FI and I were just talking about looking at houses!  I will let him know and track down the places. 

    Also, I was talking with my stylist Charlie and she remembered your message.  She said you did not leave a number for her to return your call.  If you are still looking for a stylist, call her again.  She has Comcast and, unfortunately, I have had the same experience on the phone.  I usually hang up and call right back and have no probs.  The # again is 215-921-2288.

    Thx again for the house info!
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