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Looking for inexpensive DJ

Hi ladies, I was just wondering if any of you have come across a DJ or $600 or less? I already have a DJ but I don't have a great feeling about her. She also has to travel 3 hours the day of to us and I am nervous she wont make it on time. Any help would be great! 
Thanks in advance! 

Re: Looking for inexpensive DJ

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    I would be nervous about hiring such an inexpensive DJ...they can either make or break your party...
  • check out Joe Dupuis with in tune productions. We looked into using him for our wedding (super cheap and affordable pricing!!) but ended up going with Capetunes. I couldn't find any recommendations on him other than his website, and felt very nervous going with someone who I knew nothing about, hence why I went with capetunes who gets raving reviews on these boards. But we spoke with him a few times and is very nice and attentive. 

  • If you look on cape tunes web site under meet us joe is actually listed. He works with cape tunes and has his own business. I booked with him figuring cape tunes is a reliable name so he must be good. He is very nice on the phone and answers emails/phone calls right away. I have not met him yet but I went ahead and booked him threw intune productions which he owns. Good luck

  •   Steve Bishop is awesome and i believe they are VERY affordable.
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