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Hey all. I'm not from the area so a lot of wedding planning I'm relying on MIL or figuring it out for myself. One of the last things I'm stuck on is hair/makeup for the wedding.

I'm in the Bangor area so does anyone have suggestions of what to do? The main problem is I'm getting married on a Sunday AND the wedding is in Dedham. Should I hire someone to come out there? Has anyone in this area done this?

Or should I go to Macy's or something in the mall to get my makeup done and just drive back to our wedding locale?

OR would is there a hair salon that also does great makeup?

ahhh I even had a nightmare about this, haha. Thanks for any help, suggestions, reviews, etc.

Re: Bangor hair/makeup

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    Hey there...I actually work for a salon in bangor/hampden area...I would be more than willing to give you some information on what we can offer you. Just send me a PM
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    Jill: FYI business advertisements are not welcome here.

    Megan: For Hair I am using Nikki Bartholomew from JCPenney.  She doing wedding hair outside of the Salon, style is $15.00 and updo is $25.00.  You could find her on facebook and send her a message if you are interested or go into the store.  She has been doing my hair for a long time and I have seen some of her wedding styles and they are amazing.  You could always ask to see pictures of her past work.

    As for make-up, I am still undecided, Macy's isn't a bad idea as they go through extensive training for thier jobs.  But you could also find a Mary Kay lady to do it,  a lot of time they will do it free if you do a party or something before.

    Good luck HTH!
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    ahh thank you! I like to keep my options open so I'm glad to know someone else out there. I really only need my hair straightened that day, no 'style' so it is easy. i figure my BMs might want their done though.

    Jill, I pmed you.
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    I am using I Do Spas, they are based out of Sydney I think but they travel to the site so I am having them come to our hotel to do hair and makeup. I have my makeup trial this weekend so fingers crossed!
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