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Wrapping the glass you break

What do you wrap the glass that the groom is going top step on in?

Re: Wrapping the glass you break

  • We had ours inside a velvet bag.  But I've also heard of just wrapping it in a napkin.
  • I sewed a fabric bag with leftover ivory fabric I had from making DH's tallit, and then i used a piece of lace trim I had leftover from decorating some baskets to tie it closed.  And we used a lightbulb :)
  • ours was wrapped inside a plast bag and then wrapped in a cloth napkin.
  • Our rabbi told us to wrap the glass in duct tape and then in a cloth napkin.
  • For the love of everything, make sure the bag is tied shut! DH had to step on ours three times (it moved the first time, flew out of the bag the second time) before it broke!
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