I need to find a wedding venue were I could possibly have the reception also.  Somewhere in Central Arkansas with an affordable price..I would looooove an outdoor wedding but afraid of the risks! We are not having a traditional wedding so we won't be getting married in a church, just somewhere with amazing potential!! Thanks!!

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    I've never been to either of these venues and I don't know the pricing.  They look really pretty online.  The chapel at Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs is gorgeous, but it's not cheap.  There are outdoor venues there that are reasonable.
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    These have always looked neat to me.

    The Historic Union Station:

    The River Market:

    The Arkansas Arts Center:

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    Alda's Magnolia Hill is beautiful but also pricey. It's roughly 4k just for the venue itself.

    I'm using The Old Mill in Hot Springs. They have an outdoor or indoor wedding ceremony area and an indoor reception venue. It's so simple, you really just have to show up and add a few finishing touches (if you want to).
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    The river market has a room above the actual market and its super cool very urban but its dosent sound like what your looking for. Im getting married in a chapel in Amity that overlooks DeGray lake (it is located at the Sherrifs Youth Ranch), you provide your own preacher and they are not involved with your time in anyway so you can do pretty much anything you want. I wanted an outside wedding but was also really worried about the weather so this was a perfect option for us, its like a min Garvan Gardens (with a mini prive to match) My reception is at Oak Bower which is about fifteen min away. I hope this helps! At both of these locations you have to be willing to do everything yourself...or hire someone to do it for you. I have started doing wedding planning so if you need help email me at [email protected] I would be glad to help!
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