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Hi fellow brides! This is Julian, new to the knot!

Well, I can honestly never truly imagined I would be writing a post on theknot.com!

I got engaged on December 23rd, 2012 by COMPLETE surprise.  It was supposed to be a Christmas day present, but my fiance got impatient and popped the question LATE at night after I got home from work.

We have the fairytale relationship, and I know that sound disgusting but I say that for a reason.  Brent (fiance) has this story of seeing me at his parents house YEARS before we offically met working together, and how he knew that he would find me again and marry me.  We worked together for a year and had a blast making each other laugh.  He had a girlfriend and I honestly was never attracted to him as anything more than comedic relief.

Then one night, we went out for a birthday celebration and I thought I would kiss him.  He broke up with his girlfriend soon after and she claimed he was cheating on her with me.  He talked about me a little too much and told too many stories about me from work.  I had NO INTENTION of dating him, I just loved being around me,

He made me laugh and I was over the dating scene.  Basically, we went from hanging out constantly and learning more and more about one another, to me falling for him.

We have been dating for 2 years and they have been wonderful and full of more love than I ever wanted for myself.

And the past year has been the hardest.  Full of fights, tears, lonely nights, and slammed doors.

We went broke.  He walked out on his serving job.  I left my corporate job after having a meltdown supporting us.  Too much drinking and too many days off spent in bed.

We are finally working on turning our lives around.

I got a part time job working the front desk at a hotel and went into business with his mother.  We are starting a Household Services company and hope to have employees by the end of the year.

Brent is in school working on finishing his accounting degree.  He dropped out in his early twenties and went back at 30.  He also recently got a part time job as an accounting clerk at a title agency.  Its hard to be around 20 year olds in class but he's turning 32 and has about a 1 1/2 years left.  I'm very proud of him!

We stayed afloat.  We stayed in love.  We fought hard for our relationship.

We talked about getting married, having kids, the whole nine yards.  I thought maybe after he finished school, he'd propose.  He doesn't have the money.  I support our little household.

But he got a loan and got a ring.  After the worst year (personally and together), he asked me to be his wife.


So now, I am starting early to get the low budget wedding of my dreams planned with the man of my dreams.

My father donates $2500 and that's my starting point.  My sister had the same and sacrifced a LOT to throw her wedding together.  I do not want to sacrifice a single thing.

I have a venue for free and a stepmom who is a PRO at DIY. And a great big sister who wants to help me figure everything out.

Fellow brides, help!  

I am so happy to share this journey with all of you and look forward to hearing everyone's story!

Re: Hi fellow brides! This is Julian, new to the knot!

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