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NWR: FI's dad very ill

As I write this it's about 11:15pm CT Tuesday night. FI's dad is very ill and it sounds like he may not last much longer. He has COPD i think emphysema, on oxygen. FMIL couldn't wake him this am he has fluid buildup in his legs so they're worried his kidneys are failing. He waa a smoker for many years and has suffered from these diseases for quite some time. Last year around Labor day he was admitted to the hospital and they couldn't stabilize so he was airlifted to Mayo.

Anyhow.....FI's sister just arrived on a flight from Seattle and they are making the 2.5hr drive tonight.. Perhaps he will improve but I could wake up to bad news. : I plan to drive down ThursdayThursday or Friday depending on how soon I can get time off.

Sorry.....just going to bed with a heavy heart tonight.
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