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Whats a luxurious wedding venue for WNY?

Hello! I've never been in a wedding before and only attended maybe 1 or 2 as a kid so I'm very unfamilar. I just got engaged over the holidays and we wanted to start looking at venues early. Right now the plan is to have the wedding June 2013. We want to stay within the Western New york area as much as possible, but will travel some for example to like Erie, PA. We're looking for a venue where we could have an outside ceremony at as well as the reception (to eliminate travel costs) and where overnight accomadations could be met (because we have alot of out of town guests). We want to spend the majority of our money on reception so were looking for high-end food with luxury decor/atmosphere. Does anyone know of some places I should look into? Thanks!
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Re: Whats a luxurious wedding venue for WNY?

  • A few places that might fit: (some might not have outdoor areas)

    The statler tower (completely renovated and re-opened)
    klocs grove
    adam's mark hotel
    Ramada inn (millersport in amherst)
    park country club
    windows on the green
    classics V
    Samuels grande manor (personally i'm not a fan of the way they run their events)
    31 club

    hotels are nice since the rooms are right upstairs, though they might not fit the 'high end food' aspect. most places will have nearby hotels.
  • Wow! Thanks for the huge list! I've already checked out some of those, but will defintely check out the others! Thank you! :)
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  • youre welcome! i think i researched/visited every single place in WNY. haha we ended up going with Salvatores becuase they could fit the numbers we needed and still had an elegant (not hotel meeting room) vibe with awesome food. They were expensive, but not as bad as some of the other formal locations.
  • In my opinion, Buffalo doesn't have any "high-end" reception locations when you compare them to true big-city venues.  Also, many reception locations in Buffalo seem to have dated decor.  We do have many venues with great architectural beauty (i.e. the newly remodeled Statler, the Terrace Room is GORGEOUS!  No outside area though.)  With that being said, here is a list of some venues that have an outside area for a ceremony (that haven't already been mentioned in this post)...

    Marcy Casino at Delaware Park
    Avanti Mansion in Hamburg
    Brierwood Country Club (had our rehearsal dinner here)
    Park Country Club
    Mansion on Delaware
    20th Century Club
    Fox Valley Country Club
    Templeton Landing
    Brookfield Country Club
    Jacobs Executive Development Center (formally Butler Mansion, now owned by UB)

    These locations do not have on-site lodging, but, most hotels provide a shuttle that you can coordinate to pick-up or drop-off guests. Good luck!
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  • I am having mine at Salvatore's as well, and am soooo happy with everything so far!! I'd be glad to share more if you're interested, but I HIGHLY recommend it!
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  • I'm going to Salvatores as well. I like that they have been around forever and have a good reputation so if there are any problems you know that they will be taken care of. The food there is excellent and they have a wedding package that covered exactly what we wanted for around 50$ a person prior to tax/ gratuity.
  • Mine will be at Brierwood Country Club.  I think they're goregeous & very professional and helpful to work with!  I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone!! 
  • If you are willing to travel the Wine Country part of CNY is beautiful and outside. Bellhurst Castle is the only one that comes to mind but there are so many more. You could ask the CNY broad. I got married at Rich's Atrium and really can't say enough about the event. Also check out Tonawanda Castle.

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  • In having mine at the Butler Mansion. It has outdoor areas for the ceremony, a water fountain where they have the cocktail hour and then room for te reception inside (providing its a smaller wedding, I think less than 100). They're not bad cost-wise and have great food. No lodgings there, but you can literally see the Holiday Inb from the front of the mansion.
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    Mine was at Woodcliff.  They do have outdoor space and the food was EXCELLENT.  (A lot of my guests have commented on how elegant it was.)

    Also check out Casa Larga.  It's definitely luxurious, but it was too big for our event.
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  • Inn on Broadway, Oakhill Country Club (must be a member or be sponsored bu one) both in Rochester. I couldn't afford Inn on Broadway for my wedding, but had my Rehearsal dinner there and loved it!
  • I'm in the EXACT same situation that you're in: My guests are all coming in from out of town and my fiancee and I would like to have our ceremony and reception at the same site. I looked at Kloc's and it was absolutely stunning. You can take your pictures right on site! There are little waterfalls for you to sit beside and the ceremony would take place outdoors. I do not suggest Samuel's Grande Manor. The site is nice, but their manager is VERY difficult to work with and is incredibly unorganized to say the least. Kotecki's is nice and Joseph's Grove is outdoors-y with fabulous food. You may want to search around the finger lakes for some venues as well. There's a plethora of vineyards up that way that make for some beautiful backdrops! Happy Hunting and Good Luck!
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