Where did you get your ring?

I've been doing some research on where to get our rings. Anyone have a great jeweler to recommend? I also really like Tacori and we've gone to Kassab Jewelers to look at styles. Anyone have a good/bad experience with either?Thanks for your input.

Re: Where did you get your ring?

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    I don't have a ring yet but my bf has put down money on one at ABC jewelry. They are very nice and they don't get commission so they aren't pushy. They also have in house financing which is great.
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    We bought from Kassab at Clackamas Town Center eons ago (can it really have been 8 years now!?) and had a wonderful experience.  I will recommend them until the cows come home.
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    I;ll but right in :) I am really only on the Destination Wedding board, we are going to Cozumel Mexico to tie the knot. But we got my engagement ring from Kassab's at Washington Square and could not have been more happy! Erin helped us. Originally the fi picked out a ring my bf said I wanted-I think she just chose a ring, not the one I wanted-so I went with fi to pick out a ring and they made me feel so special. It was pretty neat being able to hold the diamonds on my hand to see what they would look like hand with my skin. I have known a few other girls who have gone to Kassab and have worked with Erin and have only had positive experiences. The owner( or manager, but I'm pretty sure owner) is a bit "guido" of course he thought the bigger diamond was the better buy, but we had a set budget and my hands are pretty small so too big would look kinda silly. They will answer any questions and keep in close contact with you! I hope this help. I will be raving about them forever. I am sure we will be getting our bands from them. Another plus is they have no interest financing for the first year. It's a nice option to help take the pressure of purchasing such a high ticket item out of your pocket book :)
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    I will also recommend ABC jewelry. My fiance designed my ring himself so it was exactly what we wanted and it was special. Plus, he got a great deal and they helped him design a ring within his budget. We are going back there for our wedding rings soon!
  • My FI got my engagement ring @ Bradfordexchange.com but we went and got our matching wedding sets at Harry Ritchie's. :)
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