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Second Weddings

Thank You Programs?

This is the 2nd wedding for both of us - and a small one at that.  We are getting married on the beach- us and the officiant.  Coming back home and having a reception/party/get-together.  3 weeks later.  Oh, yes - sending out announcements with the reception date.

It's a very casual event (jeans) but semi traditional far as a "reception" goes.  I've rented an art gallery for the venue, having a cake, food, favors for guests, blah blah blah.  I want to do a "thank you" program with the basic info of where we were married, the officiants name along with acknowledging my mom,  our children (20, 17, 16 & 15 - 2 are mine & 2 are his) remembering my dad & his parents as they've passed on.  Good idea?

My 1st wedding I didn't have much "say so";  everyone did the planning of how it should be and well...this is my 2nd and LAST marriage so I want to do it my way. LOL! Tongue out.  And no, I'm not a bridezilla - just 40 something, a little older and knowing what I want.

Re: Thank You Programs?

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    Can you teach me what a "thank you program" is?  It doesn't take the place of thank you notes for any gifts received, right? ~Donna
  • gupsmomgupsmom member
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    Exactly - it does NOT take the place of thank you cards.  It's just saying "we want to say thanks to our parents, our children, family & friends and also  remember those who are no longer here with us"  It's a simple - one page. 

    It's the same principal as a wedding ceremony program that names the groom, bridesmaids, order of events - however since I don't have any of those....I thought this might be an alternative

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    Thanks.  Looks reasonable to me. ~Donna

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    Very graceful and considerate!
  • gupsmomgupsmom member
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    Thanks for the positive feedback!  Here's a pic of the final project - excuse the whiteout of names.   BTW, I priced having something similar done; cost was $100 & up.   I did the DYI thing for under $24 - that was the paper, cardstock, glue & flipflop.  :) 
     The print is really small so if you want to know what it actually says drop me a line here on the boards.  Have a GREAT day, everyone!!!  Cool

  • AbbeyS2011AbbeyS2011 member
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    Very nice idea!
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