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I need address lables, either gold foil with black ink, or clear lables with gold ink.  I don't have an ink jet printer - only laser.  The folks at office depot, office max, and staples also only have laser.  Gold foil won't print on laser, and laser printers don't have gold toner.  Do I have any other options (besides calligraphy)?

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Re: Gold Printing

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    I had the same problem with Silver and couldn't find a solution. Have you tried a professional invitation person who may have the print press kind of thing. It might be way more expensive though.
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    Avery Labels you can find at Staples, Office Max, Best Buy... Gold ink rubs off and the post person has a hard time with the addresses... The Labels are gold or silver, and fit into your printer, and you can use your black ink, with no problems!

    I've seen people use the clear labels, and those look cool too, with the black ink!

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