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I found coupons for Biscoff spread that were for Walgreens.  It was like christmas.  I bought two jars AND Biscoff cookies.  NOMNOMNOM.


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    Did you put the spread on the cookies?   Double biscoffy!

    I know the answer to this, because I doubt you ever go to Burger King...  Have you tried their gingerbread milkshake?  It's ah-mazing.
  • I do NOT go to BK, BUT I will make an exception.  I wonder when this magical milkshake comes out.

    Also, I did try the biscoff spread ON the biscoff was good.  :)
  • It's out now.   It's really the only reason to go to BK.  DH and DD didn't like it, but I was in love.  The even put cookie crumbles on top, so every now and then you get some in your straw.  Yummy!
  • Oh man....I'm in trouble now.
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