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Help with "Singles Document"

Has anyone else here had to provide a document stating that you and your fiance are both single in order for you to get married?  We are looking to do our legal ceremony in Curacao and need to provide this documentation along with our birth certificates and copies of our passports to get permission to get married.  This doesn't seem like it would be that hard, but marriages are only recorded by county and I can't seem to find an office that will do a search over the US to state that we are single.  I will need to take this document, get it notarized, and then bring it along with our birth certificates to the secretary of state's office to get the Apostille seal.  


Everyone tells us that it's easier to get married legally here first then do the symbolic ceremony elsewhere, but we're really hoping to avoid this.


Any help would be Greatly appreciated!

Re: Help with "Singles Document"

  • Sorry, I am no help.  I am also getting legally married at my ceremony, but we are doing it in Jamaica and they don't require that specific document.  I hope you can get it all figured out!!
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  • No help here either, we are getting legally married here before we leave (next week ahhhhh)! Personally it was just easier to donit this way, and even though that's when it's legal, we will always celebrate it and consider our wedding the day in which we take our vows... The paper is just a formality..
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  • States it's just a statement from the individuals notarized. If you are afraid it's not enough, I would also get a statemetn from your county clerk also stating that there is no recorded marriage for either of you on file. I would guesst that would be enough.

    But, I'm going the way of everyone else, and doing a civil ceremony before our Mexico wedding.
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  • I'm getting married in St. Thomas which is a US territory and doesn't require that.  I would just contact either your hotel or one that does weddings there, a travel agent or a wedding planner and ask for a list of acceptable documents that will work.  
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  • Here's a sample of one from the Dominican Republic Embassy website. You can change the info to relate to your situation and then have it notorized.

    Province of [ ]
    the marriage between
    [Full name of both parties]

    I, [Full Name as in passport] of the City of [where you are currently residing] in the Province of [where you live now], DO SOLEMNY AND SINCERELY DECLARE THAT:

    1. I am [full name as in passport], born as [name as it appears in Birth Certificate] on [date of birth] in [City, Province, and Country of birth].
    2. I am a Canadian citizen with passport No. _______, who resides at [full address].
    3. I intend to marry [full name of fiancé (e)] in the [Hotel Name] in [City], Dominican Republic during the week of [anticipated date of marriage].
    4. I am single and have never been married before. To the best of my knowledge and belief there is no legal impediment or other lawful cause to prevent me from getting married. If divorced, please write the following: [I am divorced as per Divorce Certificate No. ________. During my previous marriage I was known as [name while married]. To the best of my knowledge and belief there is no legal impediment or lawful cause to prevent me from getting married.]
    5. I am currently employed as a [occupation].
    6. The names of my parents are [name of mother], Mother and [name of father], Father.

    AND, I make this Solemn Declaration conscientiously believing it to be true and knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath and by virtue of the Canada Evidence Act.

    DECLARED by me in [City], Province of [Province], Canada, this [date], 2012.
    (Print and sign your full name)

    DECLARED before me in [City], Province of [Province], Canada, this [date], 2012.
    Name, Signature and Stamp of Notary Public

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