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I'm not trying to hate on Kathie Lee.......

She is not a good host.

Bad, bad, bad.

Re: I'm not trying to hate on Kathie Lee.......

  • Yes. I caught an episode a couple weeks ago where she and Hoda revealed their favorite gift ideas, and hers were all her own CDs and books, and CDs by her friends. Shameless, shameless plugging.
  • I'm sure Kathie Lee is the reason Hoda drinks.
  • I'm happy for Hoda and all - she moved up from my local area (NOLA, right?), but I'm sad she has to deal with Kathie Lee every damn day.  She can do better.

  • Yes, Kelly is bad too. Plus, I can't watch because her collar bone just wigs me out. She is so thin. I know she's naturally thin, but if she's that thin on tv. Wow!

    Now, I'm watching Gangland. I also enjoy Mobsters. Hmm. My tv watching is diverse. Hee
  • DG, I have a soft spot for Hoda. I liked her doing local news, and she did the news stories for Matt, but boy she should have stayed with the 7-9 shift of the Today Show, for reals.
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