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Hello Ladies~ Im booked with Complete Music for DJ and Videography...did anyone have a good experience? Or have they all been bad? I hope I didnt make a bad choice!

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    The weddings that i have been to with Complete music have all gone smooth. They seem to know what they are doing. I booked with them, i was told that Tina has high energy and good with getting people to dance so we picked her. I havent met with her yet so i can't tell you more that what people have told me.
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    We booked James Cloyd with Complete Music.  He is their top DJ and absolutely fantastic and does everything he can to make sure your reception goes smoothly.  He also takes photos of your reception and uploads them for you, which is a nice plus.  In addition to James, Ben Doll is also a highly sought after DJ with CM, and I've heard nothing but great things about him too.

    As for the Videography side though...I hate to scare you but we had multiple, multiple problems with them.  They brought the wrong slideshow to our reception which our DJ unknowingly began to play until everyone realized the couple on the screen wasn't us.  Complete never apologized for this (though James did, even though it wasn't his fault.)  We had to scramble to find the online "proof" link of the slideshow I had been given and show that to our guests instead. 

    It also took 5 months to receive our wedding video.  They told us Labor Day weekend was a busy weekend and they had a ton of videos to edit, but they were very uncommunicative about it until we badgered them with phone calls and emails.  Our wedding video is cute, but not as great as I expected for the amount of money we paid them.  The videographer himself was great and stayed all day and night, getting footage of everything, but I'm not totally satisfied with how the video was edited.  Also, the sound quality during the ceremony isn't great.  It was a little windy and muffled our string quartet at times, but a professional video company should have equipment to help compensate for things like wind. 

    Sorry, I guess I felt like ranting a little bit.  You'll be just fine with Complete Music, but know what you're getting into with Complete Video.
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    I used Bandstand Music (Mark was great) so I don't have a personal experience with Complete Music but here's another post about them:
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    I just met with Complete Music in Lincoln a couple days ago and talked with them about it.  I thought the things they showed us were so amazing, unfortunately it's not in my budget :(  I thought it was a little pricey, but it's so neat that they can do all of that stuff!

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    The only thing I will warn you of is that they will most likely switch DJ's on you.  If they promised you a certain one in your contract it might not be the one you end up with.  We went through 3 DJ switches before our wedding day.  I will say the 2 and 3rd DJ both called very prepared and had up to date information but it is very irritating especially since it is written in the contract.  We had an otherwise great experience with them so don't be surprised if your DJ gets changed.
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    I had booked Complete Music for my wedding this October because the day I called and requested a DJ they told me he was available. The day after I gave them my deposit and contract they called to tell me he actually wasn't available. I was extremely irritated and it took forever for them to respond to my questions. The first DJ i recommended was Ben Doll (someone posted about him earlier) because he was awesome at my brother and sister-in-laws wedding. They told me he wouldn't be working for them in 2010 so I requested the next best dj I had heard about. He is the one that I was told was available, but he also won't be with them in 2010. I requested 2 more djs after that and none of them will be working there in 2010. I have had some friends who have had trouble with Complete music so I ended up cancelling complete music and going with Bandstand Music and Amy was extremely nice and answered all of my questions. I requested Mark because I had read many good things about him on here, but at the bridal fair I talked with 3 other djs who seemed like they would be really fun to. Hope this helps!
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    I just got an email from them, and they are trying to have us meet w/ a Tyson Malcom.  Has anyone used this dj and/or have good or bad stories about him?
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    Thanks ladies! I wish i would have done a little more research before I booked with them. I have or i should say Im suppose to have matt im hoping everything will go smoothly. Ben Doll did live complete music to start his own i was told. We requested him right from the start and they told us that. He did my brother in laws wedding and was fantastic! Even met all off the wedding party at the front door with drinks! So im really really hoping things will be ok...has anyone heard or experienced matt everson?
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    All I know is that Tyson Malcom from there sometimes sleeps with people from the wedding during his work hours.  That just what one of my friends have told me.

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    We had great experience with CM for our DJ. We had Nick DelSignore, and he was amazing. I would highly recommend him. 
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