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My Bridemaids or Female Best Man . . .HELP!!!

So my fiance has a female best friend that im not to fond of, should i allow her to be one of my bridesmaid or tell him either she's your best man or not in the wedding at all? i really don't know what to do and NEED HELP.

Re: My Bridemaids or Female Best Man . . .HELP!!!

  • There's no anti ovary field set up on the groom' side of the altar, preventing females from crossing. If it's important to him to have her up there, then he can aske her to stand with him. No need for artificial drama over it.
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  • She should stand on his side.
  • If you don't like her, don't put her on your side. But, also don't require her to be his best man either. She can just as easily just stand up as a groom's attendant. I know it seems a little strange, especially if you've never been to a wedding like that, but in reality, no one cares. They are more concerned with the people who say "I do". :)

    Also, the best time to ask attendants is 7-9 months before the wedding.

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  • I agree if you don't like her then she has no business on your side. There isn't anything wrong with a female on the mans side.
  • You don't have to have her on your side, but I don't think you should give him any sort of ultimatum. If he wants her on his side, in whatever way, that's his choice. Unless she's done something severely wrong or abusive to you, I don't think it's a great way to start a marriage to tell your FH who he can or cannot value as a friend.
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