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New York-New York City

Looking for venue!!!help

Hi everyone, myself and my partners are travelling from Ireland to NYC on may 2,2013 to get married. We will have approx 1115 adults and 3 kids. Was looking for a rooftop terrace for drinks and then a nice restaurant for afterwards. Food like chicken steak etc. nothing overly fancy! Anything I have looked at is seafood or Italian. But I have to please all guests... Any suggestions please!!!!!! Time is ticking by

Re: Looking for venue!!!help

  • I was in a similiar situation to you and found it was best to do it in an all in one venue. You're NOT going to please everyone but I found most venues with a rooftop offered food that wasn't Italian. Keep in mind that most American menus are written quiet differently to how they are here so are often confusing and tend to read as being overly ostenacious.

    However, with a rooftop, be prepared to pay for the privilage. It's not cheap, and finding a venue to accomodate that size group will really limit you.
  • Where did you have your dinner/reception???
  • Ive seen weddings hosted at Tosca Marquee rooftop, which is a real nice italian restaurant located in the Bronx-you should look into that if its in your means.
  • There's no way you meant 1115 guests, right? Because then you'll need a ballroom, not a rooftop.
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