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Bride 2 be's :-)

Super excite for our first wedding!!! X-), 2012 may seem like a while away, but I know it's worth the wait!!

Re: Bride 2 be's :-)

  • Welcome to the board and congratulations!!!! I totally agree with you. It is definitely worth the wait and it allows us to enjoy the engagement/much more :) Looking forward to sharing ideas!

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  • I agree!! I know the time is going to fly by and 6-16-2012 will be here before I know it. Best of luck with the wedding planning

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  • Welcome! I am getting married 6-16-2012, and i feel like it is flying by. I have already done most of my planning. But i keep getting thrown back from changing my mind! One minute i love this, one minute i love that!!!! Am i alone?! I absolutely agree, it is sooo worth the wait. Most people are in such a rush once the ring is on the finger. You should enjoy being engaged! Our weddings will be here before we know it! Good luck and Congratulations girls! <3
  • Congrats!! I have the same as you-nightowls2
    6-9-12 Brides represent!!!!! Tongue out
  • 6-9-12 bride too!  I keep getting emails back from vendors asking if my date is supposed to be 2011, but I already know 2 other couples that have picked the same date as me, one that's a member of the same church!
    I'm already surprised at fast the summer is coming - which I'm sure is when I'll be busiest planning.
  • I am a 6-24-12 bride and i CANNOT WAIT! I have most of my vendors in mind now all I need to do is book them. Once things are booked I will be a much calmer person! My mother is already calling me bridezilla! :(
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