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Tree centerpieces?

Hello all!

My FI and I really love the idea of live tree (4-6 ft tall) centerpieces.  That way, our guests can take them home and plant them!  And if they don't take them, we can plant them on my family's farm.

My question is, has anyone else done this or is considering this?  Trees that height are ranging from $40-70 each on-line.  On, they have trees at a much more reasonable rate ($2-6 plus first 10 are free with a membership!) but most of them are only about 1-2 feet.  With the few that are available at 4ft, I'm concerned about shipping times and if they come with leaves.

Any information or help with this would be appreciated.  Thanks ladies!
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Re: Tree centerpieces?

  • jroxxjroxx member
    I think it's a really cool idea.  My mom was thinking something similar for my wedding, I actually just posted about it.  She wants to plant a ton of Rose of Sharon and use them as decoration/favors for our wedding Summer 2012.  Do you have time to plant 1-2ft trees now and dig them up in time for your wedding?  That would be the best bet (and most cost efficient).  Otherwise why not dress up the smaller trees?  1-2ft could work if you put them on a crate (covered with a sheet) and decorated around it?
  • I had the very same idea! My wedding theme is going to be a garden theme with pink as the main color (accents of navy blue). My thought for all the centerpieces were to use the topiary trees w/ flowers (see below). These  too are only 2 ft though....but like the other commenters said - you can always elevate them up on something else....

    You can order them on


    Candace April (The Future Mrs. J)
  • Thanks ladies!  I also found some through 
    Candaceapril- I will look into growing some shorter ones...I do have a year!

    Good luck in your planning!
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  • You may have luck working out a deal with a local tree farm or nursery to get them for cheap.  I would avoid ordering online b/c you're paying to have them shipped and increasing CO2 when you could get them locally.  Plus, I'd be concerned about the condition they'd arrive in.

    I don't know if planting would be the best idea.  H and I planted several small trees last spring, and this year they're really not much bigger than last year.  Trees take a while to grow, and a lot of them don't survive their first year or two, so it might be more work than you're expecting and added stress and cost closer to the wedding.

    Does it have to be trees?  I think you might be overestimating how many of your guests would have room for a 4-6 foot tree in their cars after your wedding...  We did potted asters and mums in hollowed out tree trunks (about 8" high) and they turned out really awesome.  We didn't even end up with one to take home for ourselves because everyone took them before we got to them!

  • Sunshine- Great thoughts and ideas!

    I'm more flexible on the centerpieces, but  FI really wants trees.  I"m thinking we'll do at least half potted hydrangea.  I have been looking around to see what our local nurserys are offering at this time of year, and it looks promising.

    And like I said, if there are no takers on the trees, my grandma would let us plant them on her farm.

    Thanks you for the direction!

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