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Rehearsal Dinner Guest List

I am getting ready to put together the guest list for my RD...I am going to send an Evite out, so would I email it to the significant others of the wedding party?? Or do I just expect them to bring them along?

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Guest List

  • Please do not send an e-vite for this.  The RD is for your wedding, which is a formal event, therefore you should send actual invitations for this.

    You can get simple postcard style invitations for the RD on VistaPrint for $10-$20 depending on the style and how many you need.

    You should send the invitation to the actual member of the WP but also include the name of the SO.  Very similar to how you addressed your invitations, but not with the formal titles.

    Hope that helps!  :)


  • Okay so with I send one to the wedding officiate and DJ who will be attending the rehearsal??
  • I would suggest a real invite for this type of event, but it's ultimately up to you. In general the wedding party and their significant others and your and your fi close family are invited. You can invite the celebrant, but you don't need to invite the DJ or anyone like that.
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