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Anyone in the Iowa CIty out there?  My FI and I are currently considering a few locations and would love reviews if anyone has been to them before. 

-South Slope (in North Liberty)
-Festhalle Barn (in Amana Colonies)
-Shakespeare Stage in City Park (as a ceremony venue)

Also any catering recommendations would be great too! 
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Re: Iowa City area

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    i've been to a reception at South Slope and they did a wonderful job! i really liked the facility and although i was only a guest would definitely recommend it.

    as far a food, there's a lot of different option in IC. i've used catered by charolette's and the food was very good, but sometimes the communication was challenging. i've also used the cottage and bread garden and really liked both.
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     I have been to a wedding at Festhalle Barn (in Amana Colonies). It was a neat barn, but since the wedding was in January it was VERY cold in there. I know you can bring in food and drinks, which is great and will save you a lot of money. I am not sure what was all included. Overally a cute, rustic place!
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    If you can get Festhalle Barn for your intended date do it - do it now!  We would have loved to use it but when we called we found out it was booked for the 2012 season.  I do know a bride having a reception there and I've been to other events there.  Great place and from what I've heard very reasonable.

    I've also been to a reception at South Slope and it was a very nice space as well.
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    Marcee-  FI and I went to see the Festhalle Barn last weekend and FI HATED it.  I still love it and Im sure he would give in to me but Ive decided to be an adult and to compromise by choosing another site. (I hate being an adult!) Now we are leaning pretty strongly towards South Slope.
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