How much are people spending pp on cakes?  I'm in the Portland area and am trying to figure out my options!

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    I'm getting mine through Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott.  I found Jessica's prices to be the most reasonable and our tasting was delicious.  We are paying $365 for 3-tier square cake (buttercream) that will serve 140 with the bottom two tiers and the top tier will be saved for our anniversary.  The price includes some basic decorations on the cake and fresh fruit for one of the fillings.  She lets you choose different flavors for each tier for no extra cost.  She has her prices on her website and she prices it by the tier/size and not per-person. 
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    Ours is around $250 3 tier round that feeds 75
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    Anyone have suggestions for bakeries in York County?  I don't want my cake to have to travel to far! :)
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    I'm using Heavenly Delights bakery in Augusta, and am paying $2.75 per person (for fondant).  She charges $1.75 per person for buttercream.
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    We are getting our cake from Carol from A Beautiful Wedding and Cakes. We are getting four hexagonal tiers of lemon cake frosted in almond buttercream and a groom's cake for just under $500 for 150 people with sugar starfish and shells. It comes out to $2.50 per person and we get to keep the top tier for our first anniversary. 
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    I'm getting my cake from Jessica Parrott at Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott, as well. I think mine will be in the $450-550 range. It will be gluten free, however, so it's a bit of a special order. I don't think she's charging a whole lot extra for that. It will feed 200+ guests. 

    We're likely doing 4 tiers, possibly 5; square cake with buttercream and a simple design. 

    I highly recommend Jessica - she will travel too. 
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    We went with Wild Orchid. Not sure on the pricing. She was just written up in and is offering a discount on shower and Rd cakes.  Her work is amazing!!

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    I got samples mailed to be by Coastal Cakes in Saco (york county) and they were amazing!!! I think her prices start around $3.50 and it's well worth it!

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