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Hi all.  OK first of all filling you in on the situation... We are planning on having a ceremony and reception near New Windsor, IL (approx 30 miles from Moline).  The QCA and Galesburg would basically be the closest places for hotels.  I don't really feel comfortable with leaviing our guests to just fend for themselves if they choose to stay.  My question is does anyone know of a QCA hotel that would offer shuttle service to somewhere besides the airport, and like 30 m iles away?  My next question is if not, does anyone know of a good transportation co. to use as a shuttle service, reasonably prices but good for approx 7 hours?  Thanks.

Re: hotel shuttles or other transportation

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    I have heard that Isle of Capri, Radisson Moline and Stoney Creek Inn all have shuttles...however when I asked about them for our wedding, I was told they weren't available.

    We're using Act II transportation to shuttle our guests from Pleasant Valley, IA to Isle and Stoney Creek.  FIL's are covering the costs, but I believe it was $700 for a 43-passenger bus and $500 for 2-14 passanger vans for 6 hrs

    You could also try local schoolbus companies, like Johannes?
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    Try Johannes for shuttles.  I am using them and they were reasonable.  Good luck!
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